Monday, 22 September 2014

Ladakh Region, Northern India

Ladakh, a land of mesmerizing beauty. Some called it heaven on Earth. We didn't reject those claims. The magic simply rolled onto you. Many a times, you didn't get to completely appreciate it to fullness before the next one recur. The illusion was much to abounding fascination. Many have been there and many came back with multifold spellbind.

Those Altitude Mountain Sickness we conceded to, blood trickling down our noses, lungs desperately gasping for available air were soon forgotten as we examined wizardry paintings of charm. The mountains, the rivers, the valleys, the beautiful people. We saw part of Ladakh. It was truly enchanting.

I present with nothing but images from the trip.

June 2014, Ladakh Region, Northern India.

Royal Enfield was our choice of transportation to Nubra Valley. We got ourselves the Bullet 500. Mild but effective. 

A typical Ladakhi housing architecture, very much similar to Tibet.
An internal timber frame supports flat, mudcovered roofs. Walls are built from rubble stone and sun-dried mud bricks.

The people of Ladakh are generally quite different from those of the rest of India. The faces and physique of the Ladakhis, and the clothes they wear, are more akin to those of Tibet and Central Asia than of India. The original population may have been Dards, an Indo-Aryan race down from the Indus and the Gilgit area